Wallas are: Silent      

Wallas are: Extremely Efficient    

Wallas: produce up to 80% less emissions than competitors      

Wallas are: 100% recyclable

ROFIX Restoration is extremely proud to be an approved agent for Wallas products in East Anglia, we can supply, install and service heaters and stoves in your boat or camper van.


Why make Wallas your No.1 choice

  • A Wallas heater can be installed in a variety of locations in either new or retrofit applications.
  • Wallas heaters are renowned for their silent operation. You feel it but don’t hear it, and your neighbors will appreciate the sound of your Wallas heater as much as you will.
  • In low powered applications such as sailing boats, battery capacity is limited. To address this, Wallas has designed its heaters to consume very little power.
  • When you think about heating solutions, you should not forget a unique Wallas solution: A boat heater and stove in one device. When you equip a Wallas stove with a heat blower lid, you get a cabin heater too. An important benefit of the boat stove is that it eliminates the need for explosive gasses on board. Safe, quiet, cooking and heating without any open flame.
  • All Wallas diesel forced-air stoves and diesel heaters can run at variable power output. This means that unlike our competitors, a Wallas diesel forced-air device does not have to be stopped and started in order to hold a desired temperature while heating the cabin.
  • Wallas heaters and stoves are tested and reliable.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss Wallas products or we can go to your boat to go through the right options to best suit your needs. If you have a camper van then you can bring your van to our workshop where we can go through every detail and check over your vehicle on our vehicle hoist.


Typical Marine applications – Please contact us for full product range, details or click here to download the brochure.  

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Typical Camping Vehicle applications – Please contact us for full product range, details or click here to download the brochure.   

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Wallas heaters start from £1321.92 (inc VAT)

Wallas hobs start from £956.75  (inc VAT)

Wallas ovens start from £1899.62  (inc VAT)

Plus accessories and installation (if required).


What to do next…

  • Arrange a date to meet you at your boat or to bring your camper van to our workshop
  • Go through all fitting options and duct outlets 
  • Once you are happy we can supply or fit the heater/stove to your boat or camper van 
  • Your appliance is then tested and you are ready to go!

 The Finns really do know cold and how to keep warm on boats and in camper vans!

If I can make the finest instruments to medical, nuclear and space industries then I can also make the world’s best boat heaters.
— Jorma Wallasvaara